1. What are my rights as a seller of a page of my website?

Seller and Buyer agree on type of content / transactions and branding guidelines allowed on seller’s page, as defined by seller in the registration steps in MyAccount.

For example: seller listing of can specify content and transactions for only tea related products on the leased or sold page Seller can also specify background color, fonts and top header navigation system to conform to rest of the site and type of ads allowed.

Geonetry will create and manage the web page conforming to seller guidelines, listing buyer content and products conforming to seller guidelines, and ensuring security of the overall domain with reviewed content updates.

2. How will customers know that the page sold or leased belongs to a different owner?

Every page sold or leased has Geonetry branding letting customers know that this page is under a different ownership. The branding will be visible on top left of the webpage and will be standard across all ownership pages.

All customer communications (for example : order placed, order delivered emails) use Geonetry e-commerce system with buyer’s contact information and branding.

3. How do I make sure that the site page is sold to an entity I as a seller approve of?

Seller can review the bids being placed by different entities and can accept / reject. In most cases, buyers will want to lease or buy the page only if buyer has a product or content which buyer thinks has synergy with the primary domain name. Sellers can also request Geonetry due diligence service to check buyer credentials before signing any buyer / seller agreement.

4. Am I legally liable for any product sold on the page leased or sold?

No. The agreement signed between buyer and seller precludes seller from such liability. The webpage sits on Geonetry server where we work with Buyer to get their content / any SKU details uploaded on their page template similar to how businesses upload SKU and content on marketplaces like Amazon.

5. How do you handle customer communications?

The webpage bought or leased has new ownership content including any methods of contacting the business owner (support mailbox, any 1 – 800 numbers) . All order processing emails sent to customers reflect new ownership entity. For example, if any tea is sold under , customers will receive emails about order placed , order summary, tracking information, order delivered coming from YogaTea brand including Yogatea contact information.


6. Where does the webpage sold or leased sit?

The leased or sold webpage sold sits in the original server. As part of the operating agreement during registration, the seller of the page gives Geonetry team access to their hosting provider or footer file, to allow Geonetry team to place a small utility to get additional content from Geonetry server to serve around the content in the purchased page.

7. How does buyer content get uploaded on the webpage?

Geonetry with its proprietary content transposing system makes it really easy to upload and manage buyer content. Buyers can choose a variety of managed services options:

Content management with existing buyer website: Geonetry can automatically pull in buyer content information from specific pages and change the content to position buyer products on specific webpage hosted on Geonetry server, within 24 hours of buying / leasing of webpage. Geonetry can redirect transaction requests to buyer website.

New content solutions: Geonetry can create great content blogs for buyer with links to buyer website. This enables buyers to serve remarkable content on multiple pages of different domains for buyer customers to consume. This linking strategy helps buyers in their search engine rankings and drives traffic in a measured way.

Content solutions with transaction capability on leased page : Geonetry gives a cloud based log in access to buyer to upload and manage sku’s, pricing, sku descriptions, product content, images etc. for customers to complete the transaction on the bought / leased webpage.

Geonetry will work with Buyer to integrate Geonetry transaction engine and any EDI set up with buyers account to manage inventory, order status information and tracking, cancellations, email communications to customers, returns, inventory and financial flow.

Buyer website on leased page with buyer branded shopping cart can be ready for launch within 5 – 10 days time.

8. What links are available from primary domain name page and the webpage bought or leased?

Geonetry will incorporate links to the primary domain name home page from the hosted webpage in the top navigation of all sold / leased pages. As part of the registration agreement, Geonetry will work with the seller to put links to the webpage leased or sold from the primary domain name page (either in top header navigation drop down or in the left navigation bar). This way, the primary domain name is linked to the webpage sold or leased and traffic can come back and forth between the two pages increasing overall domain search authority

9. How do I know the value of my page?

The ‘i-estimator’ tool under ‘tools’ allows customers to determine the dollar value of their page which is an algorithm based derivation taking into consideration the traffic, demographics, industry and other key metrics. Customers can also upload a standard google analytics report to Geonetry team for a more precise estimation.

10. How much fees does Geonetry charge?

a) Each seller listing is priced at $1. We market this listing to potential buyers.

b) Any sale where the value of the website page bought or leased is less than $1000, Geonetry charges a standard $12 fee per transaction

c) Any sale where the value of the website page bought or leased is greater than or equal to $1000, Geonetry charges a standard 5% fee per transaction value

Geonetry does not charge you any upfront for content solutions. We will host the webpage bought or leased, and manage it for buyer. Our fee is based on website growth. For product transactions on the webpage bought or sold, or traffic going from webpage to buyer website, Geonetry will charge 8-10% (typical affiliate fee) per transaction. In select cases, where EDI set up is involved, Geonetry will charge buyer a one time fee (project based)

This fee structure covers Geonetry hosting cost, resources to manage content and transactions using Geonetry platform as a service for Buyers and Geonetry evolution as an industry pioneer to offer more tools and services to its customers.

11. What happens at the end of the lease term?

Buyers and Sellers can negotiate lease renewal terms based on performance metrics available on dashboard under MyAccount for both buyers and sellers. Lease renewals will be flagged a month before expiration in the ToDo section of ‘MyAccount”.

12. What happens in the event of a dispute between Buyers and Sellers?

Geonetry mediation service will try to resolve the issue. In the event the issue is not resolved with both parties, Geonetry will reserve the right to arbiter a final binding solution for both buyers and sellers.

13. What happens in the event the primary domain name expires or if the primary domain name owner is deceased or if the LLC belonging to the primary domain owner is embroiled in legal issues?

Geonetry would become legal custodians of the domains before a domain can have split tenancy. Hence, this issue will not arise.